fase-fb22 Arm Bracket TV Model -p4

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28 Jan 2022
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Specification of fase-fb22 Arm Bracket TV Model -p4

TV Bracket Arm Model Looktech p4Specifications:This bracket can be moved back and forth as far as 50 cm in front of
wall, look right and left, look down and look up (5 degreesup, 8 degrees down).
- Horizontal adjustment (broken right / left): +/- 4 degrees
- There is a cable slot so it doesn't get tangled
- SPCC steel plate material with plate surface coating so that it is strong, neat and safe.
- Self locking mechanical construction
- Maximum TV weight capacity: 31.8 kg, 32inch-55inch tv size.
-VESA Breket: 10x10 cm, 20x20cm, 20x10cm, 40x20cm, 30x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x40cm
(VESA TV must be VESA Breket compliant, so measure VESA TV first
before buying)
- Doff black color
- Swivel angle: 160 degrees
# Bolts, couplers, nuts, fisher available for installation (factory set)
# There are installation instructions* NOTES BEFORE BUYING:
1. Make sure the size of your VESA TV is in accordance with the VESA BREKET (WRONG SIZE VESA NO CLAIM NO RETUR)
2.VESA: the distance between the 4 bolt holes on the back of the TV to attach the brackets,
the form of a box or rectangular formation (top 2 holes down 2 holes).
Measured the right-left distance of the upper hole and the distance of the upper hole to the hole
bottom so the result is length x width (horizontal x vertical). accept
love.Location Jl Inspection Semanna No. 40, Semarang Kalideres, West JakartaBe a responsible buyer and seller, make it a habit to meet directly between buyers and sellers,Original is not a gimmick, 100% online trading for, ordering & installation can contact us below, nonstop 24 hours.mobile / O87888667697 / wawe are not the first, but we believe we can be the best.The price may be the cheapest in an ONLINE store, but the quality & service please compare it with others, you are satisfied, we are satisfied, you are not satisfied with our complaint.

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